1 week ago I heard about a girl I went to school with who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October. She has 2 young daughters and a loving partner in her life. 

Today I learnt that she passed away this morning but not before she was able to marry her partner in hospital the night before. 

I am trying hard to understand how this is happening more and more frequently and to people my age. I think this is the scariest thing and I know how this can sound selfish and “all about me” but you obviously put yourself in that situation and think “what if that was me” “how would my husband and daughters cope”.

The next obvious feeling is to announce to everyone you know that from today onwards you’re going to be more forgiving, more generous with time, not sweating the small stuff, love life more, appreciate what we have not what we don’t, stop taking life for granted, be true to yourself and others, hug more, laugh more… the list goes on. 

How do we maintain this ? I want to.. I really really want to embrace life and appreciate EvERYTHING I have, everything I had, and even things or people that I’ve lost. 

I’ve heard about a few young women recently, girls that I grew up with, or know through association, that are dealing with Cancer and it makes me feel so incredibly sad and angry. 

So, to all that read my blog, to all my family and my beautiful friends… I love you all so much, you all make my life better by being in it. 

I want to be a better mum, friend, wife, sister, daughter, Aunty and person in general. . It’s ironic how a tragedy has to happen for us to take stock of our own lives and realise how bloody good we have it. 

Jo x 

One thought on “Reflecting

  1. Changing our mindset and saying it’s “ok” when we have those awful sad angry days, that is life and we can’t deny it. Even if we pass too young, the ones that loved us and that we loved will not remember those days you couldn’t get out of bed or the times you yelled or cried. They will remember your beautiful smile, hilarious sense of humour and kind, kind heart. Doing things for others whether they are returned or not makes us feel great, giving back to society or our community with our time, love and care can lift you up. Positive thoughts, letting go of worry, trying not to judge others for their choices and accepting we can’t control everything that happens to us or those we love. Life is beautiful, write a list of what makes you happiest and do it! X

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