Breaking WTF OMFG !

A bit drastic perhaps ?

I am only 2 episodes away from the series finale of Breaking Bad and I am unsure how to proceed.

Today I watched episode 13 and 14 and I am left feeling robbed and pissed off.

Where do I start with WW – Walter White ? The man of many personalities.

When I first met Walt, I loved him. I then very quickly was baffled, confused and angry. I then became understanding with his predicament and was back to loving him again.

I’m not sure when my liking Walt turned into immense hatred for Walt, but it did happen. Around the same time that my feelings completely flipped towards Hank and Marie. Skyler has always been a bit ‘meh’ but I am totally in love with Hank and Marie and with the episodes that I have just watched, I am now deeply saddened.

Yes it’s a just a tv series, I do realise this. It’s written so well and I don’t want it to end !!!

Oh and Jesse ‘Yo Bitch’ Pinkman.. awesome ! Love him.. and I never thought I would say that about a drug dealer, meth addict murderer.. But there, I said it. I do…

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