Forgot I even had a blog!

It’s been a while, more than a while actually..

Things have changed – I am now 41 (yikes) and say things like YIKES. Wayne is almost 45 and we have an almost 12 year old, almost 10 year old and a 4 year old. Life is crazy busy most of the time, but the kind of busy that just rolls into one giant day/week/month/year. It seems like it’s just the norm, but if I were to write down everything we achieve in 1 day it’s a lot. Like most parents running a household, working and trying to fit in kids activities, time for YOU and ME and time together. It’s a juggle, and I’m more and more understanding why women drink 🙂 Jokes mum…

We have had a busy year, Wayne spent 3 months overseas in The Ukraine and The Hague for work and we had a lovely au pair from Switzerland come to stay with us. Her name was Nadine and she was more like a 4th daughter to me, I didn’t like to ask her to do much, but she was here for company as much as ‘help’ so it was nice to have another adult in the house. We managed OK without Wayne, but it was more than nice to see his head when he got off the plane, we all cried and hugged and just kept staring at him.

That seems like a distant memory now, it’s been months since that re-union. I got a 6 week full time contract at Bankwest which gave me the buzz for working again, I went back to Sydney to celebrate my mums 65th and Wayne and I just took the kids to Bali for 10 days. I have a part-time job now, working for a Financial Planner and the girls are still doing music lessons, netball and swimming lessons.

I’ve gone from watching Sons of Anarchy, to Breaking Bad and now Pretty Little Liars (with Lulu and Sarah) and we have just finished that series, so now what to watch ??? I did also sneak in Orange is the new black and I have started Mad Men. Netflix you are my 3rd love after Wayne and the girls. Don’t ever leave me !!!

Liv is starting high school next year and we finally made the decision to send her to a private school, hopefully this is the right decision for us and for her. It was really weighing on our minds so we are happy that we made our minds up !! Broke for the next 100 years but that’s life.

So really, life is just happening. I remembered about this blog as I was thinking that it’s probably ok to let Liv read it now, when I started writing it she was a lot younger – that’s what prompted me to keep this updated again. I always have good intentions to write the girls little letters on their birthdays or write in their diaries that I bought for them when they were born, but this seems much easier. No chance of getting lost, the internet, it’s always ON.

So, this post is for my girls, the loves of my life. . Who see me at my worst, my craziest, my sleep deprived angry mum phase, my happiest, my frustrated, my funniest & who laugh at my phrases that I always get wrong, my funny dancing, my unique running style, my nakedness when I get out of the shower and they happen to walk in and say ‘oh mum’ and basically just see ME as their mum. One day when they are older they will see me as Joanne. A person, and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) their friend !!!

Love you girls x

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